5 Reasons Why You Should Get STD Tested Regularly

1. Stay Clean

You want to get tested regularly so you can always know the your status. If you don’t get tested its highly unlikely that you’ll know for sure whether you have an STD or not. Many things don’t have symptoms (especially for men), and others may not have noticeable symptoms until its been in your system for a while. The only way you can know for sure is by getting tested. The more often you’re tested, the less doubt you’ll have. So make sure to get tested every 3 to 6 months. That’s when STDs will show up on tests.

2. Stay Informed

In this day and age, data reigns supreme. There’s an important reason for that. Knowledge is power. Knowing what’s going on with you is key. Even in a worst case scenario, where you have an STD that can’t be cured, you still have options. The sooner you know you have the STD, the sooner you can begin treatment. Studies have shown that just like many other sicknesses, if you catch things in the beginning, and begin treatment immediately, your changes of survival are much better.

3. Responsibility

Having sex is being vulnerable. I’m not talking about pillow talk and secrets either. Most people aren’t using contraceptives when giving or receiving oral sex. It puts both parties at risk and many forget that. During sexual activities you’re exposed and vulnerable to catching STDs. Being responsible means getting tested. It also means communicating with your partners. If you’re not tested you don’t know what’s going on in your body, so when your body intertwines with another’s, you’re putting everyone at risk. Its better to know you’re clean, and move forward with little to no risk.

If you get tested and find out that you have an STD, then you have a responsibility to your community and your partners. Anyone who you’ve intimate with in between your last and most recent test needs to be notified. They need to be tested as well. The more data we have (neighborhood, city, state), the more we can make informed decisions. That doesn’t mean go door to door and tell everyone you have ______. But it does mean that you do the right thing, and reach out to those you’ve been intimate with as of late.

4. Health

Health is probably the most important reason to get tested regularly. If you want to remain healthy then you need to know if you’re sick or not. If you are, you can begin treatment or be cured right away. If you’re not sick, then you can confirm that, have documentation, and move on worry free. Staying healthy isn’t just diet and exercise. It’s imperative to be tested regularly to know the state of your own health. Sexual health is just as important as the other things we check on regularly.

5. Less Worry/More Fun

If you’re tested regularly, and know that you’re clean, you have far less to worry about. Now you can have fun, and not have to worry if you’re getting someone else sick. You can be confident about your status and health and do as you please. When someone is with you, they’ll also feel confident and safe because they know you’re clean. Now things can flow and go smoothly because the worry has been removed.

Tip: Get Tested Together

Going to get tested with your partner or someone you’re dating and may become physical with is a great idea. I’ve done it before and it’s been well received. It’s an ice breaker of sorts. It also let’s you know that this person is supportive and health conscious of nothing else. It takes a mature person to get tested with their partner and I think more people should embrace doing this together. Whether its a new partner or an old one, I ghinknkgs a good idea either way.

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