Sex Talk Pt. 17 – Why paying attention to details is important.

In many sexual situations we miss out on truck loads of details. Where her nails painted? Did she moan before I bit her or after? Did she cum in position 1 or 2? I mean, do you think you’ve caught everything, every time? I certainly haven’t. But the more you pay attention, the more you will see.

In poker there’s a term for when one of the other players has a pattern of doing something. Its called a “tell”. For example, if a player had a good hand and is going to raise the bet, maybe he scratches his chin first. It may be something way less subtle. However, if you pay close enough attention you’ll find it. Finding that sign, that pattern, that thing, can make a huge difference. The same can be said in the bedroom.

You’ll be able to see much more if you’re paying attention. The intricate details of the pleasure and how we react to it are often missed. Not because we’re blind. More so because we’re enjoying things so much that we’re caught up, and just living in it. I agree you should live in the moment and make sure you’re focused. But its also very important to seek out more information. The more you know about your partner, what you do that they like, and don’t like, the more accurately you can please them.

Does this mean that you need to hit the bullseye every time? No. It doesn’t mean that you copy and paste or become a robot of pleasure. It means that you cater to your partner. You seek their pleasure and you want to do your job as efficiently as possible. To do that you must pay attention. There’s a reason they say, “The devil is in the details”. Its because those details are vital and make a big difference.

In closing, there are many things that our partners tell us without words. In foreplay, intercourse and more. Missing those details can mean completely striking out. Finding those details can help you be more efficient and make sex sessions more memorable. The more details you seek, the more information you’ll have, and the more you can please your partner.

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