Sex Talk Pt. 15 – Chemistry

Sometimes sex feels like it’s just flowing. It feels like it’s effortless, easy and fun. Other times sex feels like you’ve got to put in a lot of work mentally to even make it happen. One of the reasons this could be happening is because of chemistry. Chemistry isn’t just a science class where you learn how to combine elements. Breaking Bad was cool, but this is about another topic. Simply put, chemistry can take sex to levels you didn’t imagine. It can be with someone you have been with for eons, or a person you just met.

When things seem to click between you and another person, that’s chemistry. When things seem to just be seamless, that’s chemistry. When there’s a special, undeniable connection, that’s chemistry. Chemistry isn’t just about relationships, it has lots to do with physicality. It trumps looks, body types, and more. Because that spark, that connection, will leave you yearning for that person or even that feeling. It can be great, or dangerous at times. Especially when that undeniable feeling is with someone who you have great sex with, but not a great relationship with. I’ve seen chemistry keep people around for a long time, that probably should have been cut off decades ago.

Sometimes chemistry can take on a life of it’s own and make people do things that had no intention of doing. Sometimes it strengthens a bond, other times, it takes things to a more personal level, and other times it brings the “freak” out of you. When the chemistry is right you’re turned on, open minded, and yearning for the other person. You can be enthralled with the idea of being intimate with this person. Because it feels so good, you feel as if the connection you have physically is beyond that of thought. Since little to no thought is needed when you’re with this person, its a joyful experience each time.

I think that many of us in 2020 are skipping chemistry. I think that many of us seek out sex, or a goal of intimacy, without seeing if there’s a true spark, a deeper connection. I’m not talking about love, or feelings for a person, I’m speaking about a vibe. A vibe that has nothing to do with their lips, their outfit or your attraction to that person. I also think that if we truly valued what chemistry brings to sexual experiences, we would cherish and appreciate chemistry when we do find it. My advice is that you seek out chemistry with your partners. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have sex if there isn’t chemistry. That’s up to you. However, if you seek out those vibes and get them, you will have a greater, more memorable experience.

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