Sex Talk Pt. 24 – Why Anal Sex Shouldn’t Be A Nightmare

Many times a woman’s first time exploring anal sex is often not an exploration at all. Its damn near an attack. To hear these ladies tell it, it’s almost always the same, horrible, traumatizing experience. And for the record, I believe them. It’s sad that I can guess why most women don’t like anal sex. Its even more sad, that the men who scarred them, often don’t know the damage they’ve caused.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that all men are innocent and ignorant to this. Definitely not. But, if they knew, what I knew, they’d probably take a different path when trying to give their partner their first anal experience. To be clear, what I know is nerves, and pleasure. Most of the nerves, and pleasure zones in the lower region of our bodies are connected. What does that mean? It means that your anus, has pleasure zones, and is connected to a network of nerves that your other “private parts” are part of.

Once you know that the anus is part of the same group of nerves as the other “pleasure parts”, then you know that the anus can, and does feel pleasure. Meaning, anal sex can feel good. This is true for all humans. Its part of our anatomy. That’s also why studies have shown for years that men (yes, even straight men), enjoy oral action or penatration of the asshole.

But regardless of your sexual preference, whenever you’re trying anal sex, it shouldn’t just be rammed and plowed. In fact, those are the very actions that many do take, and those are the same actions that have left many women hurt physically, and scarred mentally. Men who aren’t putting enough lube, aren’t preparing ladies for anal sex, and are just doing the bare minimum are messing it up for all of us.

My suggestion, is that you do some research of your own, learn anatomy, and speak with your partner. Ask your patner about past experiences, what felt good and bad, and maybe even do some research together. Then maybe the two of you can figure out how to move forward together. Because without trust, proper communication and preparation, you’ll only create problems. Problems aren’t the word we want, we want pleasure. Pleasurable, memorable, experiences for everyone.

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