Super Freak!

As an essential worker during the Covid-19 “pandemic” I am still working. That in itself is a gift and a curse. To make my life a little easier and to keep up morale, I like to jam on the way to work. I throw my big Sony headphones on and bump some tunes that will boost my spirits.

I had a playlist on shuffle, playing those very types of tunes and “Super Freak” by Rick James came on. Big tune! I’m rocking out and my man Rick starts singing about eating pussy – or that’s how I interpret it anyway. He smoothly bellows out how much he enjoys tasting her, a lyric which we all have heard a billion times. But this time it stood out to me. First, I can relate, and second, he’s the man for throwing that line in there so smoothly. I know he said, “Cocaine is one hell of a drug”, but he also said this! Had to make it my quote for this week.