Sweet stuff

In a rare moment, I was listening to some of my own music. I’m like Adam Driver when it comes to this. I hate listening to my own music because it takes me through and array of emotions and it can even ruin my mood for the day. Hard to explain to a person who isn’t a creative or an artist, but I get stuck and criticize my work to an extreme. But, as I was listening to “Where She’s Going”, a line jumped out at me. That line is our latest Dirty Love quote. Hope you enjoy. I’ll be back next week with more for you all.

Sex Talk

The latest Dirty Love quote comes from Megan Thee Stallion. I was at the gym listening to a playlist of mine on shuffle and on came her song, “Sex Talk”. Nearing the end of my cardio session it was refreshing to hear a song with a good tempo and a bounce. As the song played and I kicked my speed up a notch, a lyric nearly jumped out to me. I knew then and there, that this quote that resonated with me – because I like thick women too – had to be the next Dirty Love image. Shout out to Megan!


Yesterday I was at home getting ready for work. I’m in the shower, music blasting through my bluetooth speaker. I have a playlist bumping fly tunes (as I often do), and I’m enjoying myself. A song fades out and then “Bezerk” by Big Sean begins to play. It features production from Hit Boy while A$ap Ferg tag teams the track with Sean. I’m showering, lathering, scrubbing, rinsing, and then,..boom!

A line graces my ears that immediately stood out. I knew two things when I heard it. The first was that I can totally relate to this line. The second, was that I needed to share this line. When I had a minute I began a search for some images to edit and customize. That being said, here is the latest Dirty Love post.

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I’ve uploaded all of the old Dirty Love posts that I was able to find. They are all on their own page right here on the site. This is also where all of the new Dirty Love pictures will be uploaded. On this site they will be unedited and X-Rated. To view them all simply visit the link below or hit the menu tab and then Dirty Love. I hope you enjoy the pictures of old while I work on some new ones for you all.

Back at it

Welcome to the Sexual Intellectual site. This is for first blog and the relaunch of the Dirty Love posts.

This is when we combine a raunchy lyric with a picture that’s just as titillating

For our first post of the new year, we borrow a quote from rapper and wordsmith Rick Ross.